Nature and Environmental Rehabilitation Conservation Organization is a nonprofit and non governmental organization dedicated to conserving the natural diversity of plants, animal species and their habitats. Founded in 2005, NERCO develops and implements advanced strategies in nature and environmental rehabilitation and conservation.

NERCO educates communities about a wide variety of environmental topics including preservation of natural habitats, eco agricultural practices; waste recycling, natural resource conservation, watershed management techniques, wetland conservation and humanely support biodiversity . NERCO carries out research activities to create a balance between technologies and the environment and disseminates the results of its research and studies for implementation.
NERCO works locally using traditional and cultural techniques to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of communities, foster partnerships that will enhance local activities to use environmental improvements that creates a healthy environment.


  • Forests Restoration

    Progressive forests restoration program is protecting unique tree species, together with communities in creative solutions that balance the needs of people with nature

  • Protecting Animal Species

    In partnership with other organizations and local communities expertise from NERCO Rangers on the field are protecting endangered species.

Our mission

Our mission is to build a life in which humanity thrive in harmony with nature.

NERCO works  in unique ways to create a life that humanity thrive in harmony with nature and these  unique ways of working includes traditional and cultural methods at the local level with indigenous communities, involves actions from communities at every level and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both humanity and nature.

what we do

  • forestation

    NERCO engage communities and local organizations in forestation and forest restoration programs... Read More

  • Environmental cleanup Actions

    Environmental cleanup action is a top prority in our projects. Waste disposal  management is as important as producing food for human consumtion.  Waste is a resource of wealth..... Read More

  • Biodiversity

    Most of the biodiversity exists in areas inhabited by local people. Effective conservation cannot be achieved unless the people who live and rely on those lands are an integral part of the conservation process...... Read More